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Competency Based Interviews Workshop

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Upon opening any social science textbook it is possible to find a chapter that relates to inequality. With a particular focus on recruitment it is also easy to find historical examples where recruitment was related to whom people knew rather than what they knew. Nepotism was not unusual.

In the latter half of the twentieth century thinking began to shift in relation to recruitment and performance. Organisational change and drives for enhanced performance meant that understanding an individual’s skills, knowledge and attitude was fundamental and could serve to differentiate organisations.

During the 1980s the concept of competencies emerged which was to have a significant impact on the HR profession and its contribution to a performance culture. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) defines a competency as “the behaviours (and, where appropriate, technical attributes) that individuals must have, or must acquire, to perform effectively at work.” By putting a series of competencies together for recruitment, assessment and performance purposes an organisation thus creates a “competency framework.” Utilising competencies and competency frameworks represents a departure from some traditional practices because they are grounded in an individual’s behaviours, attributes and inputs. Utilising competencies, it is argued, makes for a more objective and meritocratic way of driving recruitment and performance.

This Competency Based Interview One-Sheet-Workshop™ will show you how to profile your competencies in the best possible way for interview, review and promotion purposes.

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Competency Based Interviews Workshop
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Competency Based Interviews Workshop

I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland