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Identifying Customer Needs Workshop

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Successfully completed purchases lead to the mutual satisfaction of a customer and a salesperson via a conversation. However, not every sales interaction leads to a purchase. Quite often either the potential customer or the potential seller leaves the interaction feeling frustrated by the other party. To understand how and why this happens, it is necessary to study what lies at the centre of a buying decision; the satisfaction of a customer need. This applies to business to business selling as well as selling to the general public.

The challenge is that a sales conversation is not a superficial conversation. Within the discussion a number of issues play out for both the buyer and the seller. For example, from the sellers side they may be under pressure to make a sale and this in turn tarnishes the quality of conversation as they come across as trying to ‘shoehorn’ a solution upon the unsuspecting customer (this is often referred to as the “tell sell”). As for the potential customer they will have a plethora of issues, priorities, needs and wants as a reference point. They may not even know that there are solutions in the market place that could make life easier for them.

This Identifying Customer Needs One-Sheet-Workshop™ shares a conversational framework within which the sales person can explore the customer’s circumstances and explore the validity of opportunities while giving the customer the opportunity to express themselves and not feel cornered.
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I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland