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Reducing Overheads and Costs Workshop

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Regardless of which level we think about (e.g. the individual level or the organisational level) much of our modern living is mediated by the acquisition of resources on the one hand, and the expending of resources on the other. Resources come in all shapes and forms but the resource that takes the limelight is money.

Modern research validates the theory that money cannot buy you happiness. You only have to look in any newspaper to observe this. However, what money can do is create an environment that empowers the making and financing of decisions which, when made wisely, contribute to wellbeing. The difference is subtle but well summed up by Bob Proctor in his audio programme “The Teachers of The Secret” when he says “money was not made to make you happy, it was made to make you comfortable.”

One source of empowerment, therefore, is to maximise income and sources of income while minimising expenditure and the number of sources of expenditure. The development of the modern economy and technology has thrown up a number of challenges to this simple idea. On the one hand, there are far more goods and services to buy and the fact that the process of buying can be initiated with the click of a mouse. On the other hand, for the vast majority of the population we rely on one fixed source of income (salary). Even at the organisational level income is often related to fixed, identifiable, sources like product sales within a highly competitive environment.

Somehow it seems easier for the human psyche to get motivated and driven about generating income. Minimising overheads, however, is not nearly as sexy. If you pick up a newspaper there are far more references to the magnitude of personal salaries and organisational sales than there are about the containing of personal or organisational overheads. The potential of reducing overheads is not to be sniffed and is one side of an equation that contributes to comfort.

This Reducing Overheads and Costs One-Sheet-Workshop™ shares with you a conversational model that will redress the often overlooked matter of burgeoning overheads.

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I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland