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Trusting Expert Intuition Workshop

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Intuition is defined as the power of attaining direct knowledge without evidential rational thought or the drawing of conclusions from the evidence available. If we accept this definition, intuition is something that is to all intents and purposes intangible and invisible.
An expert is defined as a person who has special skill or knowledge derived from training and experience.
It would seem rational that when an “expert” (whether it’s you or somebody else) offers up their “intuitive” advice, that it will be a skilled insight that facilitates a correct decision. In most cases this might evenappearto be the case.
If we scratch below the surface it soon becomes clear that expert intuition is not the effective decision making compass we can sometimes expect it to be. Looking into the worlds of sport, politics and commerce among others it is easy to highlight instances where decisions based upon expert intuition proved to be poor at best and catastrophic at worst.
How are we to know when to trust expert intuition? An increasing body of research is being undertaken in this fascinating field which embraces a number of disciplines including social psychology, heuristics and statistics. This Trusting Expert Intuition One-Sheet-Workshop™will seek to answer the question of when to trust expert intuition by drawing on some of the published work including that of Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman.
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Trusting Expert Intuition Workshop
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Trusting Expert Intuition Workshop

I found them to be very simple to use and explain..."

Mark Mackey,
Financial Services Manager,
Republic of Ireland